Thursday, June 22, 2006

The CDs are here! The CDs are here!

I heard the familiar rurr-rurr-rurr of a diesel engine. I looked through the upstairs window and, behold! A UPS truck was trying to negotiate the tricky corner at the end of our street. (Why did he even try that alley?)

Are there any songs about the UPS truck coming to your house? I think I could write a couple about now.

And don't think I'm too weird. In the musical "The Music Man," an entire song is sung about The Wells Fargo wagon a-comin' down the street.

And by reading the lyrics, you can also find out how exciting it was in the not-that-distant past just to get unusual produce via wagon.

Unusual stuff like grapefruit and raisins.

So I took the 18-pound box from my friend, the UPS man, and of course opened the box right away.

(There were three smaller boxes inside the big box, in case you think that the small box to the left could possibly weigh 18 pounds.)

I've gotta hand it to the folks at TuneCore, who reproduced the CD for me. The CDs look awesome. I am stoked, as the kids say. (Not my kids. Other kids.)

I am right now listening to the CD, keeping my ears open for technical glitches. I'm up to track 9, "Conner Prairie Air." Everything is fine so far.

I just really want to thank everyone who has been in any way supportive of my music. It was your support, even in little way like with comments after I played the hymns at church, that gave me the confidence to even attempt this project.

And certainly thanks to my brother Jeff who asked for this music for his wedding reception. I think you will like.

Oh, and of course, I'm looking for venues to play, especially in Northeast Indiana. For example, I'm trying to find a place to play up in Angola, Indiana, but the coffeehouse I've played before has moved and no longer can host musicians. Write me if you'd like me to come to your neck of the woods!


Mike Ricciardi said...

Congrats on your new CD. I am a songwriter, myself (six hundred at last count) and i'm always happy to hear about another writer who makes a big step towards the direction of his dreams. I started this whole crazy thing by writing for musical theatre. That has been really fun! I sell my CDs on CD BABY and have them on sites like Rhapsody. I Tunes, and Blockbuster. Well again, great good fortune. You might want to join a performing rights organization like ASCAP (you'll find me there on their ACE data base) They do great things. Again, grand good luck!

Scott Greider said...

Just checked in via FWOb site - congratulations on the CD. The songs sound great.

FYI, still a chance we'll be moving back to the Fort, so I might be in touch in the future.