Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sundry links and excess bloggage

Here's what I've been looking at on the Internet lately:

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Anonymous said...

Ah, you gotta love a guy who uses the word 'sundry' in his post titles! ;-)

I must disagree with you, though, on Studio 60. I've watched it 1.5 times, and I find the writing not so much offensive as condescending. The characters and dialog are simply pompous and unbelievable. Really, who talks and behaves that way?!

And as for the "devout" Christian character, what makes her that other than a self-proclamation? From what I caught of the pilot, she is an ex of the unabashedly unbelieving Friends guy (and are we really to believe that relationship was platonic?!), with whom she apparently will be reuniting in a future episode (I think). Notwithstanding the press' fawning, I'm still trying to figure out how (not that!) her character is Christian?

Am I missing something?