Saturday, October 1, 2005

Safely home, but 'strung up'

Whew! I am now at home, resting quite comfortably with my sweet family.

How sweet? Let me tell you what I discovered when I arrived in Fort Wayne:

  • They displayed a big "Welcome Home Daddy!" poster
  • They sprayed me with can upon can of silly string, right there in the terminal (yes, yes, we cleaned it up)
  • They presented me with a "Buy a Dozen, Get a Dozen Free" Krispy Kreme coupon, and so we immediately drove to the doughnut shop
  • Upon arriving home with two dozen doughnuts, I saw that someone had painted the front porch (I soon found out that my two girls, 10 and 7, did most of the work)
  • And when I walked inside, I was doubly surprised to see the entire living room painted, too (that was the work of my wife and two sons, 14 and 12)
Wow! What a welcome!

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