Sunday, October 2, 2005

Well, paint that nice

Update: I've added a photo of the new curtains.

Here are a few photos of the great painting my family did for me while I was working in Biloxi:

With my father-in-law, I had installed new weather-resistant plywood on top of the floor of the front porch earlier in the summer. But I hadn't painted it yet.

My dear wife, Mary, says when she started painting, she was horrified: the first coat of paint looked pink. But the second coat held up a lot better.

I walked in the house, and this is what I saw.

My dear Mary and I had been trying to decided between a nice peach and a nice blue, wanted to be sure to contrast with the orange-y wood.

But Mary did some research. She read that when a room has a southern exposure -- like this living room -- then you should consider painting it a cool color like blue to cool it down. A warm color will only make such a room look and feel that much warmer.

"Paint it peach," Mary said, "and you may as well light a bonfire in the room."

Plus, Mary made new curtains.

Here's a detail shot of the white ceiling, blue wall and honey oak. (Type of wood unknown; matter is under advisement.)

Now I just have to install the new laminate flooring.


Jeff said...

Wow, the kids (and Mary) did a WONDERFUL job! By the way, I am greatly missing the fantastic stories you wrote out of Biloxi. I guess I will have to go to the Sun-Herald site to get my Katrina fix. :)

Anonymous said...

Uh, sorry, that doesn't look like oak.

Jon Swerens said...


You got me there. I don't know why I said "oak." I do like the sound of saying "oak." Oak oak oak.

But if you can tell me what this wood really is (pine, bamboo, ply), I'll be happy to change the post.