Monday, September 26, 2005

Assorted and sundry photos

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Here are three photos that really don't belong to anything else I've written about, but I thought I'd go ahead and post them.

They each have a short story to tell. So pull up a chair and listen. But that would mean you'd have your ear next to a bunch of pixels on your screen. You'd look idiotic. So just read instead.

Off in the distance you can see the Popps Ferry Road bridge, one of the many that was damaged by Katrina. This one did not fall completely apart like bridges on U.S. 90, but it's too damaged to be safe right now.

Pre-Katrina, when you were in Biloxi, you had five main exits from town: two main roads to the west, a bridge to the east and two bridges to the north.

Well, now one of the roads to the west -- U.S. 90, also known as Beach Boulevard -- is closed. The bridge to the east -- the other side of U.S. 90 -- is closed. And one of the bridges to the north -- Popps Ferry -- is closed.

You can understand the congestion of the roads that remain.

Just step right up and you'll hear a tale ...

This boat landed next to a bridge for Loraine Road into Gulfport. (Here's a map if you can't keep track of all the towns.)

See where the water is behind the back of the boat? See how far away it is? See why you should always obey mandatory evacuation orders?

This is by far not the only boat that's grounded. Go over a bridge, look to your right and left, and the shores are fairly littered with boats on either side.

I think I wrote about the little get-together one of the page designer's had at his house on Saturday. Very nice, with a barbecue and everything.

This is his neighbor's house. A hurricane-spawned tornado twisted through the neighborhood, and pretty much hit one house and kept skidding through the woods.

The roof landed in the page designer's back yard, but hit all around his gazebo, which somehow was not damaged at all by the hurricane.

"Oh no, here comes a tornado! Quick, everyone, to the gazebo!"

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