Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ready to board

I'm really early for this flight. But so are a couple dozen other people.

I'm still not familiar enough with security procedures to know how much time to give myself. So my dear Mary got me to the airport an hour and a half before flight time. That was almost an hour more than necessary.

This is one of the greatest benefits of small airports like Fort Wayne's: even the longest line isn't too long. Standing in line at security took less than 10 minutes.

And technology has changed so much even since the last time I flew a couple of years ago. I walked in with my laptop and expected to find wireless Internet service. And the airport, naturally, had it.

So, after getting to the gate, I fired up the laptop, stuck my camera card into the card reader, saved the photos Mary took onto the computer and uploaded them to Blogger.

So I'll be able to blog with impunity -- until I reach Biloxi. Then, who knows.

Oh, and it's remarkable how much luggage one person needs when there is no guarantee of a laundromat at your destination. I believe I have every pair of casual pants I own with me. And about 16 pairs of socks.

More posts later... perhaps one more from Fort Wayne, or else it'll be after I land in Cincinnati.

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