Friday, September 23, 2005

Educating about Rita

I have no idea what the media up north are saying about Hurricane Rita and the Mississippi Gulf Coast, but let me assure all of you who are concerned about my safety: I'm very much safe.

You may have heard about rain, wind and flooding here. The rain and wind are occasionally squallish, but nothing worse than a low-level thunderstorm in Indiana, if that.

The flooding is only right along the coast in those areas that would always be affected by a higher-than-normal tide. There has been some evacuation of those areas, especially because of the damage Katrina has already done to the coastline.

But still, there is no danger of flooding for the vast majority of the area, except for a couple of inches of rainwater on the streets because it rained too fast for the sewers.

Here's a story on The Sun Herald's web site: Rita's winds, rain starting to whip South Mississippi

For more info, go to The Sun Herald.

Thank you so much to those who have expressed concern. I still have a full tank of gas in case I must skedaddle quickly, but there is no evacuation going on here.

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