Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Busy day in Biloxi

I have discovered that if I don't post frequently, people back home begin to worry about me. It's kinda sweet, really, so even though I don't have a lot to say, I'll post what I have.

So I had a nutritious filling breakfast at Cracker Barrel over in Gulfport, which didn't open until 10 a.m. because they don't have enough employees yet. And there's no one to run the dishwasher, so they are using plasticware.

Then it was off to First Presbyterian Church of Biloxi to help distribute food and supplies for the many, many people who drive up.

It's a well-run organization. The items are sorted into cans of fruit, cans of veggies, etc., for the food, and then paper goods over here, mops and brooms over there, bleach, over-the-counter medicine, "personal hygiene" products, and so on.

And people station themselves in different areas, gathering packages of either food, or paper place settings, or T.P., or whatever.

Then, someone outside is "taking orders" from those who come up for help. When they write down their needs, the greeters come inside and shout for "runners" to gather the items as we have them. And we usually have them.

Then a van from another church will pull up full of supplies. So we form a line to haul that stuff inside and then go through and sort it into the categories we have set up.

Pretty efficient.

And then, at 1:30, I took the five-mile, 40-minute drive back to the hotel to type this for you. And to freshen up.

Because now I actually have to go to work.

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