Saturday, September 3, 2005

What a great (and long) day

I just had to say that I had a wonderful birthday. My sweet wife did make the promised pie, and threw in a free chocolate cream pie for free.

As usual, I got an assortment of things to eat and various shiny discs. That is no complaint; that's like the perfect day. My family knows what I love.

Along with various sweets, such as a half-pound Special Dark Hershey bar, I received the new Andrew Peterson CD and the complete first season of "The Bob Newhart Show" on DVD.

Please note this picture of the half-eaten, completely homemade pies my wife made. See how much yummier the actual pies look compared to the pale imitation in the post below.

And thanks to everyone who came to my gig at The Anchor Room tonight and embarrassed me by singing "Happy Birthday."

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