Saturday, September 24, 2005

Devastation in Biloxi

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The cleanup from Katrina is going to take years.

One of the page designers at The Sun Herald is hosting an "Old Normal" party at his house. (In contrast to the "new normal," of course.)

Before picking up some chips and libations at Wal-Mart, I took a short trip down to downtown Biloxi. I hadn't been there yet; the traffic had been too heavy during the week.

I took some pictures, but I had to stop after a while. I felt like I was taking pictures at a funeral. I told my brother it sometimes feels like these photos are "disaster porn": you get a vicarious dread looking at them, but you're only looking at pictures, and can't comprehend the true depth of the sadness and destruction.

And even though I'm actually here, I know I'm not getting any true sense of what is it to survive and rebuild after a storm like Katrina.

I'm only gathering post cards. I get to eat at Waffle House and stay in Travelodge and know that my home is safe a thousand miles from any hurricane.

But those who are here ... well, I can only hope to understand in a very small way what they're going through.

In any case, here are the photos I took this morning. No captions are necessary.

Remember: Read at the top of the sidebar to the right about how you can help the people of Biloxi.

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