Saturday, September 24, 2005

Good stuff in The Sun Herald

Making something out of nothing

Hurricane Katrina devastated Hancock County.

It tore sturdy old homes to shreds, leaving nothing but their foundation slabs. It filled businesses with mud and water and God only knows what else. It ripped away street signs, leaving strangers with few clues about how navigate the narrow roads.

Nearly all the infrastructure in Bay St. Louis and Waveland is gone.

The streets are mostly quiet - except for the sightseers who come to snap pictures and the homeowners who come to search through piles of debris for anything they can salvage. Artwork, expensive jewelry, good china, photo albums, designer shoes, children's favorite toys. You name it.

Television news footage and photographs cannot tell the whole story. The scene is beyond imagination.

The things with which we measure life are gone. It will take years to rebuild homes and businesses, railroads, bridges and grocery stores.

But a quiet sort of rebuilding has already begun.

Waveland and Bay St. Louis are small towns to the east of Biloxi. They were very hard-hit by Katrina.

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