Monday, September 26, 2005

News coverage

Continue to check out The Sun Herald for updates on the situation here on the Mississippi coast.

Highlights include:

One major road and many major bridges are out. That makes it tough on ambulance service. Plus,
local bureaucracy gets in the way of medical transport:

"I told them we need these ambulances. If that doesn't happen, we are prepared to tell the public in Harrison and Hancock counties that they will have to wait up to an hour for an ambulance," he said.

The home is gone, but if the mailbox is there, the mail is, too

Near the Edgewater sits a battered barge decked out like a pirate ship, the skeletal remains of Treasure Bay casino. A half-mile away, on the wrong side of the road, sits The President casino.

But it's the ancient oaks that really get to her.

"You look at the trees and you see everybody's clothes," Johnson says. "It just gives me chills."

Especially the purple clothes, a color favored by one of her elderly customers. Johnson does not know what became of her.

Also, if you have a Windows machine, you can watch the "Today" show video on Biloxi by going to and clicking the link: "'Today' video: Biloxi still reeling from Katrina"

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