Friday, September 23, 2005

Why we homeschool #3

Special-ed case to be probed: Fort Wayne Community Schools admitted it failed to provide a dyslexic boy with necessary services.

(Mom Tammy) Stein contacted the federal government after Laura Cooper, her son’s special-education teacher, told Stein she hadn’t worked with her son.

Before that conversation, Cooper had sent a note home with Stein’s son that said he was "a joy to work with every day."

"It infuriated me," Stein said. "They were lying to me, making me think he was getting services when he wasn’t."

It's like having FEMA in charge of your child's education.

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Rai said...

I read the entire article, and was amazed. Thank God I have my child with me! I'm surprised, though, after the previous problem she had with them that she'd trust them again.