Thursday, September 29, 2005

Thanks a yacht

This is the latest post in a series on Ocean Springs, Miss. Scroll down for the others and click the photos for enlargements.

Local resident Jean told me to keep going down Front Beach Drive, and it will swing around into an inlet where some boats have found themselves in places boats don't belong.

His neighbor to the right also had unwelcome visitors. Note the little green boat right of center; it seems to be resting on top of several posts.

And then, lo and behold:

Sun Herald photo by David Purdy

Here's another photo from The Sun Herald's package of aerial shots. This is an aerial view of what you see in my photos above. Note again how little cleanup has happened in a month.

And then I go up a hill, turn to the left, go up another short hill, and on the corner we have some boats, pushed up quite a little hill to rest on this residential street.

Thus concludes our tour of Ocean Springs. Be sure to check out all the posts below.

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