Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Destruction Variety-Pak

This is the latest post in a series on Ocean Springs, Miss. Scroll down for the others and click the photos for enlargements.

Katrina has a crazy variety of ways to destroy your home: Winds, storm surge, rain. And then, like in this case, Katrina would simply dig the dirt out from under your house.

Wherever you find a line of trees or a fence, you find a scene like this, where bags and clothes were caught mid-flight.

Jean told me that right behind that tree, where you can see a layer of concrete blocks on the ground, was once an old home. The brick house in the background looked as though it may have survived Katrina's wrath ...

... until I walked 30 feet and saw the front. This home was owned by a woman who had just completed renovations so that her elderly mother could live with her. A local businessman has helpfully posted an advertisement for demolition services on a post in the foreground.

You may have to click on this photo to get a good view of the homes on the rise. These houses look like Katrina shoved these houses into themselves, the way you'd shove away a dinner plate at the table.

More steps to nowhere.

Too bad hurricanes can't read.

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