Sunday, September 18, 2005

Headline of the day

This Associated Press story is running in Monday's paper:

Video screens have shown up all over in recent years -- cell phones, bathrooms, car head rests, subway cars, even elevators. Next up: a solar-powered video panel embedded in a tombstone that plays a clip reminiscent of "This Is Your Life." ...

The device plays a 5-to-7-minute video featuring special moments from someone's life that would be compiled by anyone from friends and relatives of the deceased to funeral homes. Vidstone doesn't do video production.

The Serenity Panel's screen is covered by a solar panel, which can be flipped open by visitors. The device includes two standard headphone jacks to listen to the audio. The solar panel protects the screen from sun damage and charges a battery inside, Aguirre said. Four hours of sun provides enough juice to play the video continuously for up to 90 minutes.

The Serenity Panel should be ready for sale in October and will cost about $1,500 ... .

And my headline is:

"The Flick and the Dead"

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