Thursday, September 22, 2005

Blogs and photos by residents

I would be remiss not to mention two blogs by actual residents that talk about their hometowns with much more emotion and detail that I could ever hope to.

Jimmy Johnson is the cartoonist of my favorite comic strip, "Arlo and Janis." His web site used to feature comments on the art of cartooning and page after page of his older work.

Now it offers photos from his hometown, hard-hit coastal community Pass Christian. On his web site, just click the photo to go to the next one.

Although I mentioned this one before, a blog by a man named Batch has become a sad travelog of his home's utter destruction. His blog is called Simil Justus et Peccator, which is Latin for "simultaneously righteous and sinful."

And as has been the case since the storm hit, The Sun Herald continues to be a gold mine of information for local residents and those who have any connection to Southern Mississippi.

If you know of other good sources of news and photos, please leave a comment.

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