Friday, September 23, 2005

Photos from Beach Boulevard

Beach Boulevard, or U.S. 90, runs along the beaches of the gulf towns. The four-lane road is now down to two -- as you can see, Katrina ate away at the higher two lanes -- and is closed to the general public. This was one of two main east-west roads through town, plus I-10, which helps explain all the traffic.

It is the area from the beach to the raised railbed a few blocks to the north that was heaviest hit by Katrina. The railbed at least slowed the storm surge, protecting properties to the north.

Unlike, say, Myrtle Beach, the beachfront is all large residences, including some (what I'm told are) antebellum mansions.

Belowe are six more photos I took yesterday.


Time for breakfast, and I wouldn't be in the South if I didn't have breakfast at a Waffle House.

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