Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Welcome to Ocean Springs

Image courtesy of Google Maps

Ocean Springs lies to the east of Biloxi, across what's simply called the Back Bay of Biloxi. Biloxi is on a peninsula, so a bridge connects -- or connected -- Biloxi to Ocean Springs.

I got to Ocean Springs the only way you can -- by going east on I-10, which is a few miles north of Biloxi, and coming south down Mississippi Route 609.

You can see U.S. 90 clearly on the satellite image above from Google Maps. U.S. 90 is the major road, the thickest one, that cuts across the top lefthand corner of the image.

But you can also see two other bridges just to the north of the U.S. 90 bridge. The one closest to the main U.S. 90 bridge is the old U.S. 90 bridge, which was left open for pedestrians for fishing. The top bridge is a railroad bridge.

Now, all three bridges have portions of them in the bay.

After driving up to the bridge and taking some pictures there, I drove east along the coast on what I later found out was Front Beach Drive. (Not many street signs survive.) I took photos there and followed the road around to the inlet you can see at the lower right.

Following are my photos, and the stories I found there.

The Google map of the coastline allows you to grab it and move it around, change the perspective from close-up to far off, and change from map view to satellite view.

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